Taking a Break at The Grand Delancey for Dry January

January is that time of year when our resolutions are the strongest. That's why The Grand Delancey is featuring a slew of NA or Low ABV beer cans, wines, spirits, new housemade NA cocktails and packaged NA cocktails. Crack a few with us and keep your promise to yourself!

Featured Beers

Athletic Run Wild IPA, American IPA (0.4%)

Brooklyn SpecialFX, Amber Lager (0.4%)

Zero Gravity's Rescue Club IPA, Hazy IPA with Citra & Motueka (0.5%)

To Ol Implosion, Hazy IPA (0.3%)

Off Color Beer for Lightweights, Table Beer (2.5%)

Hoplark Citra, Double Dry-Hopped Seltzer with Citra Hops (0.0%)

Atmos Peanut Butter Sweet Dark, Sweet Stout (0.3)

Woodland Farms Strata, Hazy IPA (0.5)


Featured Wines

Woffler's Spring in a bottle, Sparkling Rosé (0.0%)

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero, Sparkling Riesling (0.5%)

Featured Spirits

Seedlip Garden 108 (0.0%)

Lyre Agave Blanco (0.0%)

St. Agrestis Phony Negroni (0.0%)